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Pond air pump

Oxygen is essential for all life in the pond. Plants, bacteria and especially your fish require enough oxygen. An air pump is therefore recommended.

Pond water pump

The pump is the heart of the pond.

An efficient and effective pump is just as important as a filter. The pond pump is there to ensure that contaminated water ends up in the filter.

You should consider the following when choosing the correct pond pump:

  • The pump capacity should be 50% of the pond volume for optimal cleaning.
  • Capacity losses due to hose length, UVC lamp and head.
  • For thorough cleaning we recommend using a pump without a pre-filter so that dirt particles get into the filter instead of the pre-filter.
  • To maximize the removal of dirt the pump should be placed in the deepest part of the pond.
  • For optimum circulation the pump and filter outlet should be placed as far apart as possible.
  • If you want a fountain or water bubble buy a separate pump with a pre-filter. These small pumps are very aff ordable and the fountain doesn’t have to spray all day.
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