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Maintenance and...

The need for maintaining your aquarium accessories


Our range of freshwater aquarium, marine aquarium, bare tanks, bins or reproduction of transport.

Aquarium heater

A wide selection of aquarium heater to keep in good condition your tropical and marine fish. The choice of heating will be a function of the size of the aquarium.

Aquarium decorations

Everything to decorate your aquarium.

Aquarium lighting

Lighting is an essential part of your aquarium. Depending on the type and aquarium population maintained, the lighting will be differrent: led tube t5 or t8, compact fluorescent.

Filtration equipment...

Discover our range of internal filters, external filters, skimmers internal and external as well as our other products to improve the quality of the water in your aquarium.

Materials for filtration

Our line of filtration masses.

Food fish

Our range of food for freshwater fish and sea.

Aquarium spare parts

Spare parts catalog brands sold on Aquamateo

Aquarium air pumps

The air pump is part of your aquarium that can perform different functions: brewing water surface for better oxygenation, an aesthetic role. We offer a wide selection of air pump depending on the size of your aquarium.

Aquarium water pumps

A wide choice of water pump for aquarium: circulation pumps, pumps lift.

Water treatment

The entire range of products for the treatment of your aquarium.

World of plants

Our line of solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers and diffision co2 in your freshwater aquarium. Everything for beautiful plants.