The need for maintaining your aquarium accessories

Maintenance and accessories 

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Aquarium accessories

Accessories for aquarium plants clips, snail traps scissors plants ...

Aquarium vacuums

Clean the floor of your aquarium with our vacuum background.

Glues and silicones

Range of glues and silicones for freshwater and saltwater aquarium.


Check the density of sea water with a density meters ou refractometers.


Nothing is easier than to feed your fish with an automatic food dispenser.

Aquaium maintenance glass

For glass care of your aquarium, choose from our selection of scrapers, blade scrapers, squeegees, magnets or a complete maintenance kit.

Aquarium nets

Nets available in different sizes.

Electronic management

Proper interpretation of test values of your water is easy with an electronic measuring device.

Various connectors for...

PVC accessories for aquarium.

Aquarium thermometers

Different models of thermometer to measure the temperature of the water in your aquarium.

Aquarium flexible pipe...

Flexible pipe water/air.


Fans surface are a simple, summer, regulate the temperature of your aquarium.

You'll find complete cooling systems.

Aquarium suction cups

Any type of suction cups for aquarium.