Aquarium decorations

Everything to decorate your aquarium.

Aquarium decorations 

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Led atmosphere

Ambient lighting that will create a light atmosphere in your aquarium LED.

Ceramic decorations

A variety of ceramic ornaments to customize your best freshwater aquarium

Jelly Fish

Decorations for aquarium Superfish Jelly Fish

Aquarium backgrounds

The aquarium background the easiest way to decorate the back of your aquarium.

Ceramic roots

Roots ceramic the most beautiful effect that beautify your aquarium and allow shrimp and fish can hide

Artificial roots

Artificial roots that make a true-to-life aquarium

Artificial plants

Easy to install and maintain, artificial plants transform your aquarium into a fascinating underwater world. Artificial plants are both realistic and resilient.

Zen deco

Zen Asian theme decor for a relaxing aquarium

Natural roots

Wood adds character to your aquarium, because it has his own unique shape and form. A nice piece of wood forms the basis of the aquarium. There are different types of aquarium wood, that come in many colours, shapes and sizes. Java Moss, Anubias and other plants can be attached to create an eye-catching aquarium. All our natural woods are carefully cleaned and disinfected.