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For over 40 years, API ®, the leader in aquarium, develop and improve our products and solutions whether treatments, tests and food for aquarium and garden pond, or electrical equipment.

In API®, researchers and developers were the forerunners of scientific studies for treatments that have resulted in significant advances in care for ornamental fish. Of this work were born 25 patented innovations for aquariums. Today, we continue our research to improve the aquarium for the greatest number. API® recently developed the guide API® Easy Care Guide for taking care of his aquarium in all simplicity. In stock, symbols help to easily identify products by linking them with a key to the life of an aquarium step. These steps will help you simplify the maintenance of your aquarium so you can spend more time contemplating its beauty.


Water conditioner 118 ml

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Food for small cichlids.

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Food for small tropical fish.

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