Crystal Max 800 ml

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Biological filter media.

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With Crystal Max, you achieve the best performance per liter of filter volume.

Extremely porous filter media made from sintered glass, with unique charachteristics.

Extremely large colonisable area for micro organism (275 m² per liter Crystal Max).

Gives a quick filter start-up, Crystal Max acts like a sponge for micro organism.

Harmful substances will be decomposed thanks to aerobic (high oxygen) and anaerobic (low oxygen) filter processes.


800 ml is sufficient for 100 L of aquarium water and in ponds 800 ml is suffficient for 500 L.

Larger quantities give even better results.

Rinse thoroughly with clean water before use.

Rinse off Crystal Max monthly when you clean the filter.

For best results, replace after at most 1 year (depending on the pollution level).


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