Crystal Clear 800 ml

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For crystal clear water. Absorbs NH3, NO3 and PO4.

+/- 5 working days


Crystal clear and healthy water without algae.

  • This unique filter media is a combination of Norit Active Carbon, Zeolite, Clean Water and Active Alumina.
  • It removes all coloration, ammonia, nitrate and phosphates from the aquarium water.
  • The result: Crystal clear healthy water and less algae growth.
  • To ensure maximum results replace Crystal Clear every month.


  • 800 ml is sufficient for 400 liters of aquarium water and in ponds 800 ml is sufficient for 1000 liters.
  • Larger quantities give even better results.
  • Always rinse thoroughly with warm water before use.
  • Replace monthly for best results or as soon as water starts colouring or algae growth increases.
  • Always remove Crystal Clear before administering medicines, since they will be absorbed by the carbon.
  • If you have forgotten to do this, remove Crystal Clear immediately.

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