Nitrate stop freshwater 300 ml

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Removes nitrates quickly and efficiently from fresh water aquariums. 300 ml

+/- 5 working days


Nitrate is the highest oxidized stage in the nitrogen cycle. In many cities and towns, this material is present in the tap- or well-water. Feeding and waste produced by fish releases further organic matter into aquarium water. This accumulation of a high concentration of organic matter can result in a high level of nitrate in the aquarium.

Although nitrate can function as a nutrient for aquarium plants, too much nitrate can be harmful and moreover one of the causes of cryptocorine rotting.

A lack of diffused CO2 and O2 can create a dangerous situation, namely that the nitrate can be reduced to the poisonous nitrite. However, the main problem in this instance is a highly developed algae growth that can get out of control quickly.

For this reason, the nitrate level of aquarium water must be measured on a regular basis. This process is made simple by use of the NO3 (nitrate) test.

In freshwater aquaria an advisable nitrate level is below 30 mg/L, and a level of 80 mg/L should be avoided. 100 mg/L is too high.

The AQUATIC NATURE NITRAT STOP removes nitrates quickly and effectively. Upon saturation of the NITRAT STOP the absorbed nitrate is not released back into the aquarium water.

300 ml (600 ml) of NITRAT STOP binds up to 8400 mg (16.800 mg) of nitrate in a short period of time: 2 to 14 days.


Rinse the NITRAT STOP from AQUATIC NATURE with tap water or water from the aquarium, 2.5 ltr for 300 ml. NITRAT STOP from AQUATIC NATURE or 5 ltr. water for 600 ml NITRAT STOP. Place NITRAT STOP from AQUATIC NATURE in the net (FILTRA BAG AQUATIC NATURE) in the filter. Measure the nitrate value after one or two days.

NITRAT STOP from AQUATIC NATURE is not suitable for use in saltwater.

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