Nitrate Stop Marine 300 ml

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NITRAT STOP M absorbs nitrate from the seawater aquarium in an efficient manner via ion exchange. 300 ml

+/- 5 working days


  • In many saltwater aquariums, the nitrate level is too high. There are many causes at the foundation of this problem, among others the use of tap water, overfeeding, infrequent water changes, an absence of active carbon in the filter system or using of acid-rinsed carbon by which an accumulation of organic materials takes place etc...
  • All of this can usually lead to a nitrate level that far exceeds the ideal values of 15 to 20 mg/ltr.
  • Although invertebrates such as leather corals, hard corals and giant clams need a certain amount of nitrate, 30 mg./ltr or more should be avoided as an undesirable algal growth may result and additionally the tissue growth of corals may be disturbed.
  • In order to determine the nitrate level, use NO3 test. Measure these levels regularly, at least once a month.
  • During aquarium set-up, water changes and/or topping off of a saltwater aquarium, use osmosis water.


NITRAT STOP M from AQUATIC NATURE absorbs nitrate from the aquarium in an efficient manner via ion exchange.

Rinse NITRAT STOP M with salt water (2.5 ltr for the 300 ml packaging and 5 ltr for the 600 ml packaging). Place the NITRAT STOP M from AQUATIC NATURE in the filter net in the filter and make sure that a good flow occurs through the NITRAT STOP M.


Reduce the amount of food, and when feeding frozen foods, allow the food to thaw out first, and then rinse and drain before feeding to your fish.

NITRAT STOP M from AQUATIC NATURE is unsuitable for use in freshwater.

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