Phosphat Stop Marine 300 ml

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PHOSPHAT Stop Marine absorbs phosphate from the seawater aquarium in a rapid and efficient manner (PO4). 300 ml

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  • High levels of phosphate and nitrate are fairly rare in the natural biotopes of tropical fish. However, in our aquariums, this is not necessarily the case due to uneaten food, fecal matter, insufficient filtration, skimming, and certain types of active carbon (acid-rinsed carbon) which can cause the limit to be exceeded which in turn can result in a rapid and undesirable not to mention uncontrollable growth of algae. Tap water is generally not suitable for setting up of saltwater aquaria, and for this reason, osmosis water is recommended for the preparation of aquarium water.
  • Invertebrates and particularly hard corals are extremely sensitive to slight amounts of phosphate.
  • PHOSPHAT M absorbs phosphate from the aquarium in a rapid and efficient manner (PO4). In this way, vital elements are removed from algae, which results in a curbing of the growth of the algae, and its ultimate disappearance.
  • The water quality improves, algae disappears and invertebrates, particularly hard corals, can thrive.
  • Optimal phosphate levels in a saltwater aquarium lie between 0.05 and (a maximum of) 0.1 mg/ltr.
  • Invertebrates and caulerpa species tend to use a small amount of phosphate, for which reason a completely phosphate-free aquarium is not desirable. It is, however, important not to exceed the ideal value of 0.1 mg./ltr., since above this limit too many materials are present that can hinder the growth of tissues in corals.
  • Using an PHOSPHATE (PO4) TEST measure the phosphate on a regular basis in order to determine the amount of phosphate present.


Rinse the PHOSPHAT STOP M for 2 minutes with lukewarm aquarium water. Place the PHOSPHAT STOP M in the filter and make sure that the strongest possible water flow occurs.

By saturation, the absorbed phosphates will not be released back into the water. The PHOSPHAT
STOP M is saturated when phosphate (PO4) values begin to increase again.


By an excessive nitrate content of more than 15 mg., AQUATIC NATURE NITRAT STOP M is an excellent means of reducing this high level.

PHOSPHAT STOP M is not recommended for use in freshwater aquariums.

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