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Marine Phosphate EX 500 ml

Marine Phosphate EX 500 ml Phosphate supplement

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Reduction Phosphates for saltwater aquarium (500ml)

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Phosphates with nitrates are the most important nutrients for algae.

By reducing their values you reduce the growth of algae.

The unique formula of Colombo Marine Phosphate EX produces unmatched results.

With Colombo Phosphate Ex the removal of phosphates has become simple.

With just one dose the desired amount of Phosphates will be removed instantly.

The unique formula offers unparalleled results.

Just dose 1 ml of Colombo Marine Phosphate Ex to remove 5 mg of Phosphates from the water. It is that simple.



1 ml to 5 liters of seawater to reduce the phosphate content of 1 mg/l.

Maximum 1 dose per day, repeat to get a value lower than 0.1 mg/l.

Use of Colombo Marine Phosphate EX can cause a significant reduction in pH.

Use only when the KH is at least 8 ° DH.

Test the KH with Marine Colombo KH test after using Colombo Marine Phosphate EX.

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